ParCourE is a Parallel Corpus Explorer. It allows to browse a word-aligned multi-parallel corpus in two different views, MultAlign and Lexicon. We use the Parallel Bible Corpus a multiparallel corpus with thousands of verses covering 1334 different languages. It also allows you to see word alignments for your input sentences through Explore page. For more information see Information or the paper.


  1. Enter a search query to search in different languages by typing in the search box. Filter languages and editions using l:<language(ISO693-3 code)>-<edition> (e.g., l:eng-basic Jesus) and filter verse numbers using v:<verse number> (e.g., v:40002017).
  2. Enter one or more target editions and click Get Alignments to view the word aligned sentences.
  3. In the alignment you can switch between a simple and a cluster view, for details see the paper. When hovering over words alignment edges and corresponding words will be highlighted. By clicking on a specific word you will be transferred to the Lexicon view and see translations for this particular word.
  4. You can store specific queries by entering a unique name and click save search. The query will be stored in the Browser's default storage. Later you can retrieve the query by entering the name and clicking retrieve search.